Blood Riding Love (2022)

Blood Riding Love (2022)

Drama: Blood Riding Love
Native Title: 피타는 연애
Also Known As: Bloody Romance , Peeta Love , Pitaneun Yeonae
Director: Park Gwang Choon
Genres: Military, Comedy, Romance
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: jTBC

Main cast:

Nam Gyu Ri,Kim Min Seok,Choi Hye Jin,Steven Noh,Han Seung Bin


Actors Nam Gyu-ri and Kim Min-seok have confirmed their appearance in ‘Peeta Love’.

The new drama ‘Peeta Love’, produced by JTBC Studio, is a work that depicts an inter-Korean relationship and unification project between a South Korean world star who enlisted in the military and a North Korean female warrior.

Nam Gyu-ri has been confirmed to appear in the role of so-called Baek Young-ok, who leads a special forces member of the North Korean 8th Corps in ‘Peeta’s Love’.

Baek Young-ok is a perfect person with a cynical charm as opposed to her beautiful appearance. Nam Gyu-ri is expected to show off a different charm as an all-around soldier as well as a high-level action disassembled as Baek Young-ok, a North Korean female warrior.
The ghost that saved mankind?!

Kim Min-seok portrays the role of Lloyd, a world star of the devil who has girl fans all over the world. Lloyd is a world-class star who changed all the records of Korean singers in the 21st century. Although he was an iron man without even a scandal, he became embroiled in a conspiracy and enlisted in the military, where he experiences tumultuous events.


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