Black Cinderella: Graduation Edition (2021)

Black Cinderella: Graduation Edition (2021)

” Black Cinderella ” is a drama (8 times in total) distributed on ABEMA SPECIAL from April 22, 2021 .

Special: Black Cinderella: Graduation Edition
Native Title: ブラックシンデレラ卒業編
Also Known As: Black Cinderella Sotsugyou Hen , Burakku Shinderera Sotsugyou-hen
Screenwriter: Yoshida Erika
Director: Kawamura Taisuke
Genres: Romance, School, Youth
Country: Japan
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jun 10, 2021 – Jun 17, 2021
Original Network: AbemaTV
Duration: 26 min.


Riko,Kamio Fuju,Itagaki Mizuki,Erica,Suzuki Miu,Hyodo Katsumi


Ainami Kamiya , a high school girl who has a habit of saying “I am …” and is not confident in herself . At Seiran Gakuen, where she attends, the Miss Seiran Contest, which is held once a year, is famous. She couldn’t play, but I wish she could, but Ainami just had such a longing, but she got a chance to play. She met Keigo Tachibana , who is said to be a national treasure-class handsome man , Sora Shimamura , and a ridiculous beauty, Yuri Kasumi . She is Ainami on the stage of a beauty pageant, but she suffers an unlucky accident and suffers a serious injury to her face.


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