Bila Hati Memilih Dia (2022)

The drama adaptation of the novel ‘Bila Hati Memilih Dia’ by Wan Nur Najihah will fill the Samarinda TV3 slot. A drama directed by Bahri Uma, starring lead actors Aedy Ashraf and Eyka Farhana.

Release Date: 2022
Broadcast Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 p.m.
Network: Samarinda TV3
Novelist: Wan Nur Najihah
Skrip: Farah Alya As’ari
Director: Bahri Uma
Production: Global Station Sdn Bhd

Main Cast:

Aedy Ashraf as Nazril
Eyka Farhana as Adra Zulaikha
Maryam Annisa as El
Gambit Saifullah as Iqram
Shima Anuar as Sofea
Qistina Khaled as Adwa
Shahz Jaszle
Izuan Razali
Zila Bakarin

Synopsis :

“You want a divorce, right? I divorce you with triple talaq. Are you satisfied? – NAZRIEL

And since then he has closed the door of his heart as tightly as possible. The 8-year romance was finally futile and painful to accept the fact of a marriage with a beloved wife failing. Six years with her only child, her life was again tested by the presence of someone.

“Good luck marrying me to get a one -time package with Nufail.” – NAZRIEL

For Adra it was unlikely she wanted to accept the man. It turned out that a temporary job to become Nufail’s nanny was the starting point of their introduction. The longer we get to know the young father, the more he admires and unknowingly their relationship becomes closer. But it is a pity when a tragedy is not expected to happen. His life is reminiscent of his condition. And Nazriel began to feel guilty. On the basis of responsibility she was raised to be a wife simply to protect her dignity which was trying to be scratched by other men.

“It’s for you small but I can’t. When you hold my hand, I’m scared. I remember what happened that night. I can’t.” – ADRA

Nazriel’s patience served her every whim. Even then the man never leveraged. He was taken care of so well that an empty heart began to sing love.

“I’m not perfect for you.” – ADRA

“I still want you.”- NAZRIEL

Would she be cruel if she rejected a man who really sincerely wanted to take care of her? And when the heart is ready to choose, its feelings are hurt.

“Adra is only Nufail’s stepmother. She is not the birth mother who gave birth to her. The motherly instinct is not in Adra. As long as she does not have the title of mother, Adra will not feel it.”

His sincerity is in doubt. The love that is poured out is not looked at. The adored Nazriel finally shows his true self. And her heart is not rigid in loving a man who lives on old grudges.

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