Bid Farewell in the Backlight (2022)

He Confessed in the Backlight” is directed by Ming Yan , starring Yu-Ning Tsao and Yu Yue , starring Wu Haoze , Ma Xinmo , Li Qingtian, Wu Xingjian , etc. Na Wei , Fu Jia , Ma Li , Tong Jiawen starred in the urban love Sweet Shuang drama .
The play is adapted from Ruoshui Qianliu ‘s novel ” Ban Yin “, which tells the love story of Li Teng, a ruthless sportsman with a high value of double business and force, and Ruan Nianchu, a quirky drama actor, who have been separated for five years and meet again.

Drama: Bid Farewell in the Backlight
Native Title: 在逆光中告别
Also Known As: Zai Niguang Zhong Gaobie , Zai Ni Guang Zhong Gao Bie , 在逆光中告別
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 25
Aired: Jan 14, 2022 – ?
Duration: 3 min.

Main CasT:

Yu -Ning Tsao as Li Teng
Dubbing Wu Tao

Yu Yue as Ruan Nianchu
Duan Yixuan

Wu Haoze as Jiang Hao
Dubbing Xu Kai

Ma Xinmo as Qiao Yufei
Dubbing Liu Qing

Li Qingtian as Chen Guozhi
Dubbing Yifan

Tongavin as Vasha
Dub- _
Remarks for special appearances

Zheng Yiming as Duan Kun
Dub- _

Wu Xingjian as Tori
See Shi Zekun

Zhang Shuangli as Tuva
Dubbing Xing Zihao

Xu Duoduo as Jiang Xingxing
Dub- _


The quirky drama actor Ruan Nianchu and the cool and handsome man Li Teng met unexpectedly. Li Teng rescued Ruan Nianchu from water and fire in the crisis. Don’t be two wide. Five years later, a reunion broke Ruan Nianchu’s life. The relationship between the two rapidly warmed up, but they encountered many obstacles.

After resolving the misunderstandings and crises again and again, the two fought against each other’s hands and jointly solved the villain’s conspiracy and returned to ordinary. and happy life.

Episode 1:

Ruan Nianchu is an actress of Xiwei Drama Club. She is optimistic and positive, loves the stage, and wants to revive the declining drama club. However, this sunny girl has a secret deep in her heart: five years ago, Ruan Nianchu, who had just graduated from college, came to the seaside of Taicheng to shoot her graduation creation, but was swept into the water by the waves on her way back to her residence by the sea. A man named LEE met and rescued. After a few days of getting along day and night, LEE left an indelible impression in Ruan Nianchu’s heart.

On July 14, when the two met, it also became a unique existence in Ruan Nianchu’s heart. Ruan Nianchu was very sad, but brought LEE’s beloved forget-me-not potted plant back to his hometown of Yuncheng and returned to an ordinary life, but he still thinks of the man named LEE from time to time, but Ruan Nianchu has nowhere to go in the crowd Searching.

Until one day, Ruan Nianchu had to come to the dinner party because of the crisis of the performance of the drama troupe, and asked actress Li Xiaoyan to discuss cooperation, but at the dinner party, Ruan Nianchu met the man in his heart again.

However, the man’s eyes were full of strangeness, claiming to be Li Teng and not knowing Ruan Nianchu. Li Xiaoyan held Li Teng with an intimate attitude, just like a couple, Ruan Nian’s heart fell into a low point, but she still didn’t want to give up.

Ruan Nianchu, who can’t swim, fell into the water in order to test Li Teng’s identity. He thought that Li Teng would be a heroic rescuer like before, but he didn’t want to pull himself out of the pool by a security guard named Jiang Hao.

Episode 2:

Ruan Nianchu asked about the relationship between Li Teng and Li Xiaoyan, and Li Teng said that he was just working. It turned out that Li Teng was the boss of Yuntai Security Company, his company was responsible for the security of the dinner party, and Jiang Hao was Li Teng’s capable general. Ruan Nianchu was delighted in his heart, and wanted to test whether Li Teng was LEE, but he was sullen. Ruan Nianchu still didn’t give up, deliberately left a powder cake in Li Teng’s car to create a second chance to meet, and successfully came to Li Teng’s work site – the security site of an artist’s art exhibition, but did not want to meet his nemesis Li Xiaoyan again in the gallery.

In the face of Li Xiaoyan’s aggressiveness, Li Teng told Li Xiaoyan that he and her were only in a working relationship, and that he was chasing Ruan Nianchu! Ruan Nianchu was heartbroken by this, but still wanted to test Li Teng’s identity and proposed a relationship, and Li Teng agreed.

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