Beginning (2021)

Beginning (2021)

Drama: Bei Yang Remnant Case
Native Title: 北洋残案
Also Known As: Bei Yang Can An , Beiyang Remnant Case , 北洋殘案·第一卷 , 北洋残案·第一卷
Genres: Thriller, Crime
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Nov 16, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 30 min.

Main Cast:

Zhao Hao Hong
Deng Yu Li
Roy Wang



He didn’t come out until everything calmed down. The robbers had all died on the spot. The young man gently covered the box and then disappeared into the night with the box. The serial suicide cases in Jiangdu have always been very strange, and the police station has no clues at all, so it has attracted widespread media attention. Jiangdu Mayor Shen Qingyun stayed behind to avoid reporters’ inquiries. When the train was hijacked, the president’s special envoy Wang Chenglong was sitting on it. Although Wang Chenglong’s life was not lost, he lost a secret letter from the president to Wu Lunzi. The train driver was also killed, and now a car needs to be sent to pick up Wang Chenglong. The police station has only three cars, one of which was sent to take the director’s mother home, and the other a prison car. Now only the director is left. private car. The driver dared not make the decision and insisted on asking Shen Changqing for instructions, so he brought Zhang Bingzhu to find Shen Changqing. Shen Changqing urged him to pick him up without hesitation, and at the same time asked Zhang Bingzhu to block the news so that the serial suicide case could not reach Wang Chenglong’s ears, but he never thought that Wang Chenglong’s car was Shen Changqing’s special car, which would be left as soon as he arrived in Jiangdu. Surrounded by reporters, the cause and effect were quickly turned upside down, and Wang Chenglong got off the car and took a rickshaw to leave.

This made Shen Changqing even more headaches, and ordered Zhang Bingzhu to solve the case, but Zhang Bingzhu didn’t have the second chance to admit his incompetence. Shen Changqing regretted that Bao Donghai should not have been allowed to leave the appointment of Zhang Bingzhu, who had no ability, as the police chief. Now Shen Changqing has no choice but to order Zhang Bingzhu to find Bao Donghai and come back. When Zhang Bingzhu Zhang came to Bao Donghai, there was a lot of discussion. They all knew that Zhang Bingzhu was originally Bao Donghai’s apprentice, but he relied on his cousin to be Shen Changqing’s concubine, so he framed Bao Donghai, and he took the position of the police chief. But in fact, he had no ability, so he came to Bao Donghai in desperation. Wang Chenglong went to the commander and was absent-minded during the meal. He was worried that


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