Be Yourself

Be Yourself (2021)

Drama: Be Yourself
Native Title: 机智的上半场
Also Known As: Be Your Self , The Witty First Half , Ji Zhi De Shang Ban Chang
Director: Li Zhi
Screenwriter: Yuan Yuan
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Aug 18, 2021 – Sep 10, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 45 min.


Dennis Oh,Zhang Tian Ai,Jiang Sheng Nan,Birgit,Joessi Qiao,Jiang Yi Ru


On September 1st, four 18-year-old girls from different places, tomboy Xia Langlang, rich lady Fan Xiaoyu, princess sick Huangfu Shumin, and veteran cadre Yang Jiaqian, came to the university journalism department to report and started their happy university life. Because of the constant friction between their personalities and living habits, the four grew and transformed together, and finally understood each other and became close friends. Because he wanted to get rid of his father’s shackles, Fan Xiaoyu always tried his best to be self-reliant. During the process of starting a business with his teacher Fan Qingzhou, he got closer and closer, and understood how to love. Huangfu Shumin gradually developed feelings for each other in the mutual relationship with Chongqing boy Zhou Yu, and learned to be independent while reaping love. After accidentally revealing her identity, Yang Jiaqian decided to face herself and dare to express her true thoughts to her mother. With the understanding and encouragement of counselor Mai Meng, Sha Langlang removed the shell of inferiority and regained the heart of a pink girl. The four completed the reconciliation with their parents in family, friendship, and love, remodeled themselves, and gradually grew into a better self, drawing a perfect end to their university life


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