Bad and Crazy (2021)

Bad and Crazy (2021)

Drama: Bad and Crazy
Native Title: 배드 앤 크레이지
Also Known As: Baedeu Aen Keureiji , Baedeu Aen Keuleiji
Screenwriter: Kim Sae Bom
Director: Yoo Seon Dong
Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Dec 17, 2021 – Jan 28, 2022
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Original Network: iQiyi, tvN
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Main cast:

Lee Dong Wook,Wi Ha Joon,Han Ji Eun,Cha Hak Yeon,Sung Ji Ru,Cha Shi Won


In episode 1, Su-yeol appears as always busy to help Dong-yeol’s pizza shop while running a side dish shop. Su-yeol, who sees this, tells Dong-yeol not to eat his mother. In the second episode, Su-yeol, who was hospitalized for saving Kyung-tae, beats him as soon as he wakes up and scolds him, saying, “Since when have you stopped taking care of yourself?” In the 4th episode, Su-yeol, who has become poor, lives with his mother’s house, and leaves Su-yeol to say how long he will be there. When I come out on this media, I smile when I see it.

In episode 7, it appears after a long time and appears as a meal with Su-yeol and Dong-yeol, and while eating, he forgot to put a pot of stew on the gas fire, or left water in the kitchen sink of Dong-yeol’s shop and came out. Symptoms appear to be getting worse. As a result, when Dongyeol’s shop is flooded with water and the owner of the building asks for 20 million won for the cost of replacing the flooring and interior, he puts his shop on sale and plays GoStop with the locals. When Dong-yeol asks why he is leaving the store to play, he tells him that he opened the store because of repair costs. Next, Dong-yeol says he doesn’t want Su-yeol to pay, but Dong-yeol asks what the rest of the money is. Seung-suk tells him that he has dementia, and tells him never to tell him. Next, he tells Dong-yeol not to be burdened by the cost of disposing of the store, saying that he left the money for the cost of going to a nursing home due to worsening dementia symptoms.

In fact, she is not Ryu Su-yeol’s biological mother, but her adoptive mother. When Dong-yeol found Su-yeol, who had been abused as a child and ran away from home, brought him back, he treated him like a son. When Ryu Su-yeol asked if he could call him mother at his childhood birthday party, he readily agreed and called him the second son.


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