Ase to Sekken (2022)

Ase to Sekken (2022)

Drama: Yuagari Sketch
Native Title: 湯あがりスケッチ
Also Known As: Yuagari Suketchi
Screenwriter & Director: Nakagawa Ryutaro
Genres: Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Feb 3, 2022 – Mar 24, 2022
Aired On: Thursday
Duration: 30 min.

Main cast:

Ogawa Sara,Morisaki Win,Murakami Jun,Shintani Yuzumi,Itou Marika,Narumi Riko


 ”Isn’t it right?” She says, but I can’t quite do that. Her best friend, Tomoka, has had a light footwork since she was a student, and she was free and lived by what she liked. I have always admired her “appropriateness”, which is the opposite of me.

 I should have chosen architecture because I wanted to live by what I liked. I still like architecture, and when I walk around the city, I find myself in a narrow backstreet and stare at the rust and stains on the building. I also wanted to create such a crush, such as the time when the building continued to exist and the signs of the people who were there. However, when I noticed it, “like” became a stumbling block, and I was stubborn. I can’t breathe well. Why am I here?

 At that time, Tomoka always takes me out. I have been saved many times by her ease of saying, “Let’s eat something delicious” and “Why don’t you go to a city you don’t know?” It’s strange because she knows me better than I do, even though her personality is completely different. Sometimes I say something out of the ordinary, but just by being next to her suitability, I feel that my heart is lightened.

 It was a public bath that Tomoka took me to today. It’s the first time in a public bath. High ceilings, the sound of tubs echoing with capons, the chattering of aunts, and the steam floating in white. Naked and soaked in the same hot water with people who happened to be there and didn’t even know their names. Ah, if I’m here for some reason, I feel like I’m a little closer to the “appropriate” I’ve been longing for.


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