Asam Manis Gulai Cinta (2022)

The telefilm Asam Manis Gulai Cinta starring Azrel Ismail and Fatin Afeefa will be broadcast on 28 December 2021, Tuesday at 9 pm on TV2.

Broadcast Time: Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021, 9:00 p.m.
Network: TV2 (RTM)
Script: Hazo M
Director: Imri Nasution
Production: Creative Stew
Cast: Azrel Ismail, Fatin Afeefa, Hairi Safwan, Fazlina Ahmad Daud, Taqim Zaki


Rafiq, an egoistic and organized Western Cuisine Celebrity Chef. Disappointed with his life, he found himself working in a Pahang cuisine stall. Her employer is a lovely local cook named Daria. Because he was too busy with his career, Rafiq did not have time to meet his mother for the last time to apologize. Upset with the mistake, Rafiq began to change!

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