As We Wish (2022)

As We Wish (2022)

Drama: As We Wish
Native Title: 幸福二重奏
Also Known As: Hao Nu Hao Nan , 好女好男 , Xing Fu Er Chong Zou
Genres: Romance, Drama, Family
Country: China
Episodes: 31
Aired: Jan 3, 2022 – Jan 17, 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 45 min.

MAin cast:

Yin Tao,Sean Sun,Yuan Hong,Jiang Yan,Ke Ying,Edward Ma


Liao Sha is an elite in the sales industry with a strong personality. In her career, she can always overcome all difficulties and strive for the top. Back at home, Liao Sha has to face her husband, who is a Buddhist. Equation work for many years, but still an ordinary technician. Every step of Liao Sha is ahead of the equation and becomes the backbone of the family. However, an accident caused Liao Sha to lose the opportunity for promotion, and she was also transferred to the Community Relations Department, and her career took a sharp turn for the worse. Equation therefore began to work hard to make money, and the family ecology formed over the years was quietly broken, but it also gave the two an opportunity to think from their perspectives. The husband and wife have crossed the threshold of the road in the face of adversity, endured many tests, and walked out of the haze of life. Liao Sha once again ushered in a highlight moment in the workplace. In order to take care of the children, Fang Fang voluntarily quit her job and became a full-time dad. The family model of the two changed again. In the ups and downs of family relations and status, Liao Sha reviewed the harm of her “wolf nature” to marriage, and she learned to appreciate her husband’s philosophy of life. The two also understand that the husband and wife are not necessarily strong or weak, and finding a self-consistent way of getting along is the true meaning of happiness .


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