Bungee Jumping of Their Own (2022) (Cancelled)

Ambon (2021) (TV1)

Watch the telefilm Ambon on 25 December 2021, Saturday at 9 pm on TV1.

Broadcast Time : Saturday, December 25, 2021, 9:00 p.m.
Network: TV1 (RTM Theater)
Script: Siti Jasmina Ibrahim
Director : Amin Masyhur
Production: Cinemaa Production


Muntazar Ghufran, Zarina zainuddin, Alif Hadi, Dottie, Ebby Yus, Fateha Khairul Nizam, Muhammad Aidil Rafiq and Daniel Zulkifli


When the Ambon School holidays arrive, he can’t wait to spend his school holidays in Kampung Tok Sabariah, with Mudin and Pool. At the same time, Ambon’s cousin Nadia returned to the village as well. Nadia is quiet, less friendly and likes to play with gadgets. There is a mission from Nadia’s father that Ambon needs to complete! Uncle Ambon, Uncle Eddie, is shy but likes Aunt Aida. Ambon tries to teach Uncle Eddie ways to seduce Aunt Aida. But, did Uncle Eddie succeed with Ambon’s help? What about the relationship between Haji Jefri and Tuk Sabariah?

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