Amazing Sisters (2021)

Amazing Sisters (2021)

“Golden Petty Family: Love in the Flower City” is an inspirational emotional drama for women in ancient costumes directed by He Jianan and starring Liu Meitong, Wen Li, Guan Chang, Ni Hanjin, Wen Yuqi , Han Yutong , Zhou Ziyue , etc.

The play is adapted from the series of novels written by Dian Xin, one of Taiwan’s most influential romance novelists. It tells the story of Qian’s Qian Jinjin, Qian Baobao’s sisters, Yan Yaoyu, Yan Qi’s uncle and nephew, and their uncle and nephew .

The play will be broadcast exclusively on Mango TV on September 19, 2021

Drama: Amazing Sisters
Native Title: 金小气家族
Also Known As: Jin Xiao Qi Jia Zu
Director: Ding Pei
Genres: Historical, Romance, Family
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Aired: Sep 19, 2021 – Sep 25, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 10 min.


Liu Mei Tong,Wen Li,Guan Chang,Wen Yu Qi,Ni Han Jin,Han Yu Tong


The Qian family, the richest man in the capital, is headed by five sisters, and is called “the five beauties of Qian’s family” by the outside world. The eldest sister Qian Jinjin ( played by Liu Meitong ) is in control of the overall situation, the second sister Qian Yinyin ( played by Wen Yuqi ) is in charge of appearance, the third sister Qian Zhuzhu ( played by Han Yutong ) is in charge of force, and the fourth sister Qian Baobao ( played by Guan Chang ) is in charge of Koi , the fifth sister Qian Beibei (Zhou Ziyue ornaments) is heavenly.

Qian Jinjin, the female president of the chamber of commerce, spreads ten miles of red makeup to pursue Yan Yaoyu ( played by Wen Li ) , the direct son of the Yan family, causing a sensation in the city.

Yan Yaoyu, who is known as the most beautiful man in the capital, thought that Qian Jinjin was defeated by his prosperous beauty, but he did not expect that Qian Jinjin was for the imperial business qualification behind Yan Yaoyu.

After leaving the book, Yan Yaoyu, who had lost all face, decided to chase after his wife! Qian Baobao, the fourth daughter of the Qian family, is eager to protect her sister. She does not want her sister to sacrifice her own happiness for the qualification of a royal businessman . Two sisters and two uncles and nephews started a unique (messy) matrimonial competition. As everyone knows, the hidden interest entanglements behind the royal merchants are slowly being pulled out.


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