Akuma to Love Song (2021)

Akuma to Love Song (2021)

Drama: Akuma to Love Song
Native Title: 悪魔とラブソング
Also Known As: A Devil and Her Love Song , The Devil and Lovesongs , あくまとラブソング
Screenwriter: Yoshida Erika, Okazaki Satoko
Director: Yokoo Hatsuki
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Jun 19, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: Hulu
Duration: 45 min.


Asakawa Nana,Iijima Hiroki,Okuno So,Ono Karin,Yamanouchi Suzu,Yoshida Shiori


A beautiful girl, Ai Maria (Rina Asakawa), who dropped out of the prefecture’s top Catholic high school, Katria Girls’ Academy for some reason.
She transfers to her co-school, Totsuka Minami High School, but because of her straightforward personality, she puts her words into words and becomes isolated from her surroundings.
While she is not understood by anyone, she has cheered herself up and expressed her feelings by singing alone.
However, as she interacted with her classmates Shin Meguro (Hiroki Iijima) and Yusuke Kanda (So Okuno), the relationship with her surroundings and Maria herself gradually changed.
What’s more, her words and deeds with Maria’s “devilish” heart begin to shake the daily lives of her seemingly peaceful classmates.
Meguro’s complex with the piano, each lie, trauma, vainness, superficial friendship …
The naked emotions of classmates who can’t live obediently begin to appear.
Meanwhile, the story of participating in a chorus contest in the class comes up.


A 5-minute special digest video and a scene photo of the cast’s tears from “A Devil and Her Love Song” being distributed on Hulu have arrived. In addition, a one-month gift campaign for Hulu tickets has started. (Details in the text)
As the second installment of the gem of the love drama series “Margaret Love Stories”, which Shueisha’s shojo manga magazine “Margaret” and the online video distribution service Hulu have teamed up to “continuously serialize and exclusively distribute on Hulu”. Hulu’s original “A Devil and Her Love Song” is being exclusively distributed for all 8 episodes from June 19, 2021.

The original is the girl comic “Akuma to Love Song” (written by Miyoshi Tomori / published by Shueisha Margaret Comics) published in “Margaret” from 2007 to 2011.
The main character, Maria, who is isolated from the surroundings and is called the “devil” because she has a beautiful singing voice and good looks, but does not decorate her words and always speaks her true intentions, Shin Meguro (Hiroki Iijima) A youth story that breaks down the false everyday life of classmates who have met and avoided facing themselves and their friends seriously.

It is Rina Asakawa who plays the hero’s cute Maria, who is regarded as a “devilish person” by the people around her .
While she is not afraid of anyone and has dignified strength, she plays the main character, Cute Maria, who wants to be deeply involved with people.

Hiroki Iijima , who plays Asakawa and W, plays the role of Meguro Shin, who meets Maria and begins to face her past trauma . Plays Shin Meguro, who has a complex on the piano and struggles, but changes depending on Maria.

As Maria, who plays Asakawa, has transferred to another school, her classmates Yusuke Kanda (So Okuno), Ayu Nakamura (Karin Ono), Tomoyo Kosaka (Suzu Yamanouchi), and Hana Ibuki (Shiori Yoshida) will be the key persons in the latter half of the story. ) And others’ classmates’ “false peaceful days” will be destroyed.
Tomoyo, who doesn’t want to be alone, just laughs and laughs with his surroundings, Yusuke, who was forced to say, “I have to be a kind self,” without revealing my worries, Ayu, who keeps on vain, and my true self.

Hana, whose position is threatened and jealousy, and her classmates, who had conflicts with each other and couldn’t really face their friends, pierced Maria’s core with straight words. I will face my true self who pretended not to notice ….


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