Air Mata Allisya (2022) (TV3)

Look forward to the drama series adaptation of the novel Air Mata Allisya by Ain Zanowi in the Samarinda TV3 slot. Featuring lead duo Keith Foo and Sophia AlBarakbah. Published by Country Universal Sdn Bhd under the direction of Kyoll Hamzah.

Release Date: 2022
Broadcast Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 p.m.
Network: Samarinda TV3
Director: Kyoll Hamzah
Production: Country Universal Sdn Bhd
Cast: Keith Foo, Sophia AlBarakbah, Hariz Hamdan, Puteri Khareeza, Nazeera Sardi, Tony Eusoff, Anne Abdullah, Jasmin Hamid

Main Cast:

Keith Foo as Daniel Arief
Sophia AlBarakbah as Intan Allisya
Hariz Hamdan as Iqbal
Princess Khareeza as Maria
Tony Eusoff as Datuk Mustapha


Intan Allisya, that name is so beautiful but who would have thought that this girl’s destiny is not as beautiful as her name. His childhood was spent full of grief by a man named Datuk Mustapha. When he was young, he was tested by the passing of his only beloved brother. Not only that, his father also disappeared. Allisya lost direction. However, he learned to accept that fact.

The presence of Daniel Arief made his life colorful again. Hearts that were once fragile became strong because of their love. The marriage that was supposed to be the end of grief was apparently a knife tapping back old wounds.

It is not enough with the bad treatment from the mother -in -law, the husband who was once a protector and loyal lover also changed his behavior. Allisya is speechless. Her heart was really hurt.

Unfortunately, the wound turns into a very severe revenge when she finds out the person responsible for her sister’s death is her own husband! In fact, he became an orphan before it was time for his father -in -law’s crime. Is this the literal destiny of his life?

His suffering did not end there. He was tested again. At the moment her heart was determined to leave Arief, she was confirmed pregnant. Allisya seemed to fall down the stairs. Arief’s persuasion was ignored and even hatred grew in his heart.

“Isn’t it enough that you killed my brother? Now you want to kill my son again? I hate you!”

Arief resigned. He is helpless. What else needs to be done to get a piece of forgiveness from his wife?

“After I thought deeply, I realized that I was not worthy of love at all. Brother just makes love suffer. During my life with my brother, my tears never stopped flowing. Go baby, seek your happiness. Brother, let go, darling. ”Arief cried.

Will Allisya’s tears not drip after this?

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