Ah How Putus Cinta (2022)

A remake of the comedy telefilm ‘Ah How Putus Cinta’ starring Idris Khan, Elizabeth Tan and Kim Wah on Tuesday at 8:30 pm on Awesome TV.

Broadcast Time: Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 8:30 p.m.
Network: Awesome TV
Script: Wan Saiful Shahrizan
Director: Wan Saiful Shahrizan
Production: Suara Kita Production
Cast: Idris Khan, Elizabeth Tan, Kim Wah, Bell Ngasri, Melanie Tan, Ucop Cecupak

Tells the story of a couple who opened a halal Chinese seafood restaurant hit by problems when their head chef disappeared after breaking up with his lover. They tried to contact him. But it failed. The head chef disappeared and got lost while in the woods. He was rescued by the Natives and taken out of the forest. Business at the restaurant resumed as usual after the head chef returned to the restaurant.

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