A Time of Crisis (2022)

A Time of Crisis (2022)

Drama: A Time of Crisis
Native Title: 惊弦
Also Known As: Jing Xian
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Hunan TV

Main cast:

Sun Hong Lei


In the summer of 1941, under the rule of the Japanese and puppets, Harbin was surging. Zhang Fan was a policeman of the puppet Manchukuo Police Department at that time, and his true identity was a dark sword that our party placed among the puppet police. There is a high-level mutiny within our party, who has a single line with the spy Zhu He, codenamed “Duke”. The “Duke” always threatens the safety of other comrades. In order to clear this threat, our party sent an assassination team into Harbin. But as soon as the action team entered the pseudo-manchu, they fell into Zhu He’s trap. Zhang Fan secretly helped them escape, and found out the identity of the “Duke”. The “Duke” was killed. Zhang Fan was therefore suspected by Zhu He. In order to protect Zhang Fan, the female agent of the action team, Gu Nian, used the identity of Zhang Fan’s wife. The identity lurked with him. The two help each other, fight against the enemy in the dark, and look forward to the dawn together


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