A Thousand Miles of Mansions (2021)

A Thousand Miles of Mansions (2021)

Drama: A Thousand Miles of Mansions
Native Title: 安得广厦千万间
Also Known As: Ande Guangxia Qian Wanjian , An De Guang Xia Qian Wan Jian
Screenwriter: Xu Zhen
Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Aug 18, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Dennis Oh,Zhang Tian Ai,Jiang Sheng Nan,Birgit,Joessi Qiao,Jiang Yi Ru


There are thousands of mansions and mansions in the world, and the cold people in the world are all happy, and the wind and rain will not move like a mountain”, with seven-character sentences before and after, and nine-character sentences in the middle.

And the words that express the vast realm and pleasant emotions, such as “Guangsha”, “Ten Thousand Rooms”, “Great Shelter”, “World”, “Happy Yan”, “An Rushan”, etc., are also loud and clear, thus forming the The sonorous and powerful rhythm and the momentum of galloping forward accurately express the poet’s unrestrained passion and fiery hope from the painful life experience of “the bedside room is leaking and no dry place” and “the long night is wet”.

This kind of unrestrained passion and fiery hope is not enough to sing, so I sighed, “Wow! When I see this house suddenly, it is enough for my house to be broken and frozen to death!” Performed brilliantly.


In August, the autumn wind roars furiously, rolling over the triple grass on my house. Mao Fei crossed the river and sprinkled on the outskirts of the river. The tall one was hanging with long forest shoots, and the bottom one floated around the Shentang Col.

The boys in Nancun bullied me for being old and powerless, and I couldn’t bear to be a thief on the opposite side. He openly carried the thatch into the bamboo, his lips were sore that he could not breathe, and when he returned, he leaned on the stick and sighed to himself.

The wind is dark and the clouds are dark, and the autumn is indifferent to dark. The cloth q


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