A Tale of Ylang Ylang (2022)

A Tale of Ylang Ylang (2022)

after the change of government Lieutenant Kosonchanyut see unrighteousness So he and his father rose up and formed a group to save the country. to claim power for the people But when defeated, Koson and his father are branded treason. Koson must be arrested as a political prisoner. In front of the wife’s eyes, Aung had to take Sal and Saban Nga necklace or Ngam. The son and daughter were in dire straits. from a wealthy position and a family of dignified officials Instead, he had to flee from the people. to build a house in the middle of a field along the Khlong Phlapphla Canal Sal has to support a family that is at war. The imprisoned Koson continued to smuggle political articles and send them out of prison for sale. as income to support the family and tuition

Sesame Saban Necklace
One day, Tian, a classmate of Sal. Coincidentally, Koson’s manuscripts are found hidden in a book alternating with Sal. made him questioned But Tian protects Sal by admitting his own guilt. Sal felt guilty that Tian was in trouble and was impressed by Tian himself. The two of them became closer. Candles come and go to meet with Sal. Met Ngam or a necklace of tusks, a little girl, sister Sal. Beautiful, intelligent, bright, talkative, has a strong character. Many times it was so beautiful that it caused Sal and Tian to have a headache. But the three young people grew more and more in love with each other. Sal secretly likes a woman. They smuggled letters to each other, but Sal was modest and did not dare to reveal himself. for fear that she would not be able to accept that she was a rebel Tian therefore helped send a letter to her, that lady Ubon Kaew or Lady Kaew misunderstood that Tian was the owner of that love letter. Lady Kaew was satisfied with the candle.

Sesame Saban Necklace
Koson was acquitted until he saw his family’s living conditions. He couldn’t accept the reason that his wife’s daughter was depressed. being insulted Koson forbids the sacrificing of farming. Forced to study well alone To restore the dignity of the family, the stress, social anger and pain of the humiliation of Koson. make Koson a bad-tempered person negative view teach children have to maintain dignity at all times until Koson himself was unable to find happiness. Tian brought money for Sal to borrow to sustain life. When Koson found out, he was furious and attacked Tian until his head exploded. Causing Sal to lose his mind with his father’s fury, leaving the house when Sal was not there. The candle continues to take care of beauty and radiance. by promising to give a better life not to have to face the cruelty in life as he and Sal were looked at in vain. but people hold on like Koson Trying to bury your head that you have to restore your dignity. She saw her father suffering from the sorrow of his depression.

Sesame Saban Necklace
Tien’s big mother, stepmother, did not like it because she knew that Ngam’s family often depended on Tian. Mae Yai then put the fire on. Boss Seng knew that the candle was courting beauty. because he was afraid that Boss Seng would love Tian more thanhis depraved son Hua . Boss Seng ordered Tian to sail to the provinces to trade with Meng. even thinking of pairing Tian to marry Botan , the daughter of Chao Sua Ma , a famous magnate in the Thonburi area. to separate the candle from the beauty which the peony meets the candle for the first time is impressed Tian thought of Peony as only a younger sister, even though Peony’s elder brother Xia also supported him. while the candle goes to trade Koson fell ill with tuberculosis. Ngam came to ask for medicine at Tian’s house, but the big mother was so disgusted that she chased the beauty and made beauty in time to help her father. Koson died.

Ngam was hurt by poverty that made people see her as inferior. Both were branded children of rebellion and cynical in poverty. Ngam secretly learns that Tian is being matched with the magnate’s daughter. Therefore, Ngam realized that she was unworthy for the first time in her life. Therefore, when Mom Saeng Chan , her father’s real sister, came to visit and saw that Ngam was a beautiful woman. Mom Saeng Chan asks for beauty to go to the palace to send her to a western school. The beauty, who was resentful of her fate, agreed to go to the palace with her aunt in hopes of regaining the dignity of her family. Not to be insulted by anyone, even if the candle and the ewing object. The wound in the heart of the father Affects Ngam’s heart, making Rawiwet Palace a new destination in life.

At Rawiwet Palace, everyone lives a luxurious and comfortable life, with her father Koson, who protects everyone. Instead, he suffered from imprisonment and trauma. Ngam saw the injustice in her and her father’s life. Ngam finds that her aunt is not the biggest mom in the palace because Prince Thongphanchang has three wives, the main wife is Mom Phikul , who have three children together. Moms in each palace have different competitions, contests, contests. Mom Saeng intends to bring beauty to be another mom, but Beauty doesn’t know this plan. Mom Phikul, seeing Ngam’s clean face, immediately knew of Mom Saeng’s evil plan. thus preventing the beauty from going up to the main palace to reach the prince, beauty being pecked and teased without being able to understand beauty But a beautiful person never allows anyone to be easily bullied. The power of the beauty made the palace residents agitated at the same time. Mom Saeng Chan sends a beautiful body to learn royal arts fromMom Phuang Nak hopes to make Mom Phuang Nak one of them. Beauty is often punished From stubbornness and stubbornness, Mom Phuang Nak was tired.

Sesame Saban Necklace
while being beautiful at the palace Tian still came to take care of the cauldron alone. Aang told Tian that she was worried. I want you to be beautiful, have a bright future, have a good future, have a good education, and have dignity without relying on anyone’s money. By bringing the wealth belonging to the Kosum family, deposit candles to sell So Tian secretly kept those belongings for her and brought the money for her. in order to give beauty to keep it for higher education Ngam returned to visit her mother with nostalgia and awkwardness from the palace. Happy to see you All the time the two were apart This made the two of them feel deeply connected. Tian said that if the beauty is at the palace and is not happy, then should not leave the cud. Ngam said that she misses home. think of everything at home Ngam was about to say that the person that she misses the most is Tian. Moonlight Mom appeared. Mom came to follow the beauty at home. Found beauty with candles two by two Mom clearly showed disdain for Tian. slander that I let her daughter date someone like Tian

Mom Saeng said that she would come back to study. which Mom would send her to attend the same school as Ked Komol University or Thanying Ket, the older sister of Thanying Kaew. At that time, studying was not easy because it was at war. Make Ngam decide to go back to the palace with Mom Saeng Chan because she wants to study. She saw that Lady Kaew secretly took a love letter and read it. Plus, Thanying Kaew always meets with strangers at the pier. Ngam understood that Lady Kaew had a lover. by not knowing that the man was actually Mom Chao Aiyaret or Than Chai Chang , her eldest brother, who went to study in America and then smuggled back to be one of the underground movements of Seri Thai. Lady doesn’t want her beauty to reveal secrets. therefore pretending to admit that Prince Chang is his lover

Drama: A Tale of Ylang Ylang
Native Title: สร้อยสะบันงา
Also Known As: Sroi Sabunnga
Director: Adul Prayanto, Wasin Samanyakul
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, War
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Jan 24, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday

Main cast:

Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul,Nine Naphat Siangsomboon,Tong Savitree Samipak


Soi Saban Nga, Baifern Pimchanok, a rebel who intends to restore the reputation of the family. Chemistry pairing with the young protagonist, Naphat

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