A River Runs Through It Special (2021)

A River Runs Through It Special (2021)

“Upstream” is directed by Sha Weiqi , starring Wang Ruichang and Hu Yixuan, and starring Chen Bohao , Qi Yandi , Jiang Zhuojun , and Tan Quan . The drama premiered.

The play is adapted from the novel ” Upstream of Tears “, which tells the story of sweet and sour secret love and healing growth in the youth spent together by young boys and girls such as Lu Weiyi, Xia Xiaoju, Cheng Lang, and Lin You.

Special: A River Runs Through It Special
Native Title: 上游
Also Known As: Shang You , Yan Lei De Shang You , 眼泪的上游 , A River Runs Through It Extra
Screenwriter: Jin Yuan Yuan
Director: Sha Wei Qi
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 10
Aired: Sep 1, 2021
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 2 min.


Wang Rui Chang,Hu Yi Xuan,Chen Bo Hao,Jiang Zhuo Jun,Tan Quan,Lin Sheng Yi


Xia Xiaoju transferred to a new school before the college entrance examination, and met a group of new partners, such as the generous Cheng Lang, the straightforward Lu Yiyi, and the confused Qiu Letao.

A small misunderstanding started, but the honesty and mutual help made the young people forge a deep friendship.

The mutual help in their studies and the unity of the sports games have made their friendship continue to heat up, and sharing their family troubles and future volunteer choices also allows them to experience the taste of growth together.

The college entrance examination finally came.

Cheng Lang missed his favorite major because of the delay in saving people.

Lu Weiyi filled in the major that his father was most opposed to without telling his family.

Xia Xiaoju and Qiu Letao performed exceptionally well and were admitted to the dream school.

Young people face new challenges in college life.

Cheng Lang faced the difficulties of inter-professional learning, Lu Yuyi had to overcome psychological obstacles, and Xiaoju encountered the confusion of the direction of life, but they faced difficulties and supported each other, gradually established their dreams of life in the confusion and setbacks, and also experienced friendship.

The ups and downs of love. What Xia Xiaoju and her friends harvested is such a warm and striving youth


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