A Date With the Future (2022)

A Date With the Future (2022)

“Light Up You” is produced by Penguin Films and Begonia Films , supervised by Fang Fang and Yu Haiyan , directed by Xu Zhaoren, written by Li Jie, starring William Chan and Zhang Ruonan , Ren Hao , A contemporary urban drama starring Zisa , Luo Qiuyun and Kanai .
“Light Up You” was selected as the key topic planning project of Guangdong Province’s “14th Five-Year Plan” radio and television and online audio-visual programs , telling the story of the firefighter Jin Shichuan (played by William Chan) who rescued the girl Xu Lai in an earthquake rescue mission ten years ago. (Zhang Ruonan), in order to appease the other party, Xu Lai should make a “ten-year appointment”. Ten years later, Xu Lai has grown into an excellent news reporter. The search and rescue dog trainer in the team became a partner with Jin Shichuan, who was the station chief of the city’s fire and rescue special service brigade and the captain of the search and rescue dog team at that time, and “as promised” staged a romantic love story of thousands of layers of love and scheming to catch a husband.

Drama: A Date With the Future
Native Title: 照亮你
Also Known As: Illuminate You , Zhao Liang Ni , Shi Guang Ru Yue , 时光如约
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Aired: 2022 – ?
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

William Chan,Zhang Ruo Nan,Luo Qiu Yun


Ten years ago, Xu Lai was trapped in the earthquake and was rescued by fireman Jin Shichuan and the search and rescue dog “Chasing the Wind”. In order to appease the injured Xu Lai, Jin Shichuan agreed to her ten-year appointment. Ten years later, Xu Lai returned to China to become a reporter and an international dog trainer. He met Jin Shichuan at the rescue scene. Jin Shichuan not only did not recognize Xu Lai, but also misunderstood her as an unscrupulous reporter. Xu Lai ignored the misunderstanding as a rescue team. The report is correct. When setting up a search and rescue dog team, Xu Lai became Jin Shichuan’s partner as an international dog trainer, conquered everyone with his excellent professional skills, and even gave his rescue dog “Ping An” to Jin Shichuan, letting him “chasing the wind” from his predecessor out of the shadows. As reporters and firefighters, the two always meet on the front line of danger. During the contact with each other in emergencies, the two people who have undergone the test of life and death have gradually warmed up their feelings. When sending off his retired teammates, a serious fire broke out. In order to rescue the retired brothers, Jin Shichuan was trapped in the fire. This time, Xu Lai searched the ruins with “safety” and found Jin Shichuan


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