28 Hari Mencari Cinta (2022)

The drama 28 Hari Mencari Cinta featuring Aiman ​​Hakim and Hannah Delisha will be broadcast on TV3’s Lestary slot from 23 December 2021, every Wednesday to Saturday at 9pm on TV3.

Episode: 15
Screening Date: 23 December 2021
Broadcast Time: Wed-Saturday, 9:00 p.m.
Network: Lestary TV3
Script: Anina Sahal, Mia Marziah Manaf, Norsyiella Annuar
Director: Ng Ken Kin
Production: Orangetree Production Sdn Bhd
Cast: Aiman ​​Hakim, Hannah Delisha, Muaz Fitri, Elly Arifin, Ameerul Asyraf, Fiza Thomas, Aleza Shadan, Rahim Jailani, Aishah Atan, Azman Jantan, Khaty Azian, Roy Azman

Main Cast:

Aiman ​​Hakim Ridza as Faisal
Hannah Delisha as Saleha
Muaz Fitri as Nasir
Elly Arifin as Airin
Ameerul Asyraf as Danial
Fiza Thomas as Intan
Aleza Shadan as Mrs. Maria
Rahim Jailani as Encik Rahmat
Roy Azman as Mr. Malik
Aishah Atan as Fauziah
Azman Jantan as Fuad
Khaty Azian as Asmira

Lagu Theme (OST)

Gravity – Amir Mirza
Lirik: Iqie Hugh, John Jeeves, Omar K
Komposer: Iqie Hugh, John Jeeves, Omar K

Synopsis :

Faisal (Aiman ​​Hakim Ridza) has his own podcast and aspires to spread his wings abroad to test his abilities as a radio presenter. For Faisal, what he is looking for is happiness and success in his life. However, one thing that Faisal cannot forget is his first love with Saleh who has the characteristics of a desirable girl. Faisal did not know why they broke up suddenly. Saleh has left him for no reason and cannot be traced until now.

Saleha (Hannah Delisha) continues her life as a financial planner in a private company because she is not interested in working in a company owned by her father, Encik Rahmat. Saleh wants to be independent and does not want to expect the pleasures of life provided by his father. Saleh is engaged to Danial (Ameerul Asyraf) at the request of Encik Rahmat. Saleha did not like Danial’s extravagant attitude but Encik Rahmat often praised Danial who was his hope to continue to drive his business globally. Saleh was not up to the heart to tell the real situation that would disappoint his father.

In that situation, Saleha remembered Faisal, his first love who was considered a stupid man who always made mistakes and even often repeated them. The man has also locked his heart to love and hopes that one day destiny will find them both.

Faisal’s podcast named Love Barista discusses love stories, gives tips for finding love and even solving love problems. Faisal’s podcast was so well received that some of Saleha’s friends spread the podcast and this made Saleha want to know what was interesting about the podcast.

Fate rediscovered Faisal and Saleha. At the same time, Faisal got a job offer as a DJ in Australia. He should be there in 28 Days. This is where the condition given by Saleha to Faisal begins, which is 28 days to find love to make love again. Faisal has to find fault with him in their relationship first in just 28 days. What about Airin who is addicted to love from Faisal? What will happen to the relationship between Saleha and her fiancé Danial? Can Faisal and Saleha be happy together again?

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