2049-The Hedgehog Effect (2021)

2049-The Hedgehog Effect (2021)

Drama: 2049-The Hedgehog Effect
Native Title: 2049-刺蝟法則
Also Known As: 2049 – Ci Wei Fa Ze , 2049 – Tzu Wei Fa Tse , 2049-刺猬法则
Screenwriter & Director: Hsu Li Da
Genres: Sci-Fi
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 6
Aired: Oct 30, 2021 – Nov 6, 2021
Original Network: Netflix, TTV
Duration: 28 min.


Phoebe Lin,Christina Mok,Yin Zhao De,Vickey Liu,Buffy Chen,Carol Cheng


After Xia Duo found out that Yuqing and her had a very similar family accident and marriage relationship, she also began to question Yuqing’s values ​​in facing marriage, and even thought that Yuqing herself was also trapped in nightmares, and what position did she have to help Xia Duo?

However, Yuqing gradually discovered her own blind spots during the consultation with Xia Duo, so she decided to play her memory clips instead, so that Xia Duo could understand the choices she made and the reasons, and then find out the crux of each other’s problems point.

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They took revenge for their mother’s absence from childhood, and chose to occupy their mother’s boyfriend and take her place, but they have also lived under the shadow of their mother since then, constantly questioning whether they are just a substitute for their mother? And can such a forced family really bring a sense of security?


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