2049-The Fortune Telling (2021)

2049-The Fortune Telling (2021)

Drama: 2049-The Fortune Telling
Native Title: 2049-完美預測
Also Known As: 2049 – Wan Mei Yu Ce , 2049 – Wan Mei Yu Tse , 2049-完美预测
Screenwriter & Director: Hsu Li Da
Genres: Sci-Fi
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 6
Aired: Nov 13, 2021 – Nov 20, 2021
Original Network: Netflix, TTV
Duration: 28 min.


Ivy Shao,Austin Lin,Sara Yu,Blue Lan,Paul Chiang,Sophia Li


The future album “2049” is broadcast on Taiwan TV and myVideo every Saturday. The album describes that when technology has fully penetrated into the near future life, human beings will face more tests of technology and human nature in 2049, and explore parenting, family affection and marriage from the perspective of women. and other different issues.

Lin Bohong hides the secret and dares not let Shao Yuwei know, the fear of super anxiety is getting bigger and bigger?
The “Perfect Prediction” unit starring Shao Yuwei and Lin Bohong broadcasted the content of “Love and Relationship” in the previous episode, exploring how each person faces various relationships in reality, and if there are secrets in their hearts, should they let the other half know. Among them, the sunny Lin Bohong not only became a father in “2049”, but also became a tiger father. He revealed that the character was raped by his father in his original family, so he was afraid of the father-son relationship and did not dare to expose his scarred side in front of his wife. , so he kept himself in a state of anxiety when filming: “The society’s expectation for men seems to be that they must be brave and strong, but everyone will see the fear of this character getting bigger and bigger. I like this gap very much. ”

Shao Yuwei called NO to the man who “did not be the same” ! Love candidly reveal everything about himself
Shao Yuwei also said that if she encounters a different half of her face, “it would be a bit scary in real life!” In terms of love, she prefers to reveal everything about herself. She believes that her growth background will be related to her personality, “So I hope the other party knows that I have Basically, I have a very open personality.” But Shao Yuwei didn’t mind the other person hiding the past, “I know the way he has changed now, so I don’t mind too much that he didn’t tell me about the past.” Half-joking “Unless it’s a serious criminal record, at least tell me!” In particular, she couldn’t accept her partner who was prone to domestic violence, believing that the problem was too big, “It’s totally unacceptable, and I won’t try to change it again. other side.”


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