20 Years Promise (2021)

20 Years Promise (2021)

“20 Years Promise” is the first Taiwanese-Russian cross-border love film in Taiwan’s film history. It was directed by Lin Dawei (Lin Lisheng) , the producer and producer of the five years after the film was stolen; it took two years to prepare for the filming. Filming was also conducted across major cities such as Moscow , St. Petersburg , Murmansk in Russia , and Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan . The story is adapted from a true story, describing the 20-year cross-border love story between a young Russian rescue worker and a Taiwanese girl whose parents died in the 921 earthquake. The crew went further to Russia to shoot for a month, and the whole play took two years to shoot. [1]

Starring Guo Xuefu, Cai Fanxi, Qiu Haoqi and Zhong Siqi, who has the title of “Prince of Poland”, it will officially premiere exclusively on the Asian international network platform AMM at 10 pm on July 28, 2021.

Drama: 20 Years Promise
Native Title: 20年的約定
Also Known As: Twenty Year Promise , Twenty Years Promise , Er Shi Nian De Yue Ding , 20 Nian De Yue Ding , 20 Nin Di Yeuk Ding , 20年的约定 , Северное сияние любви
Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 13
Aired: Jul 28, 2021 – Oct 20, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Duration: 45 min.


Puff Kuo,Kent Tsai,Krystian Muszynski,David Chi


Starting with the 921 earthquake 20 years ago, Jima (played by Zhong Siqi), a young Russian rescue team member, rescued Ke Yiqing (played by Guo Xuefu), a girl whose parents died in the 921 earthquake, and the two have been married since then. The next fate led to a 20-year cross-border love. When Yiqing went to Russia to study, she met Zhao Tianyou (played by Cai Fanxi), a musical genius, and Li Junang (played by Qiu Haoqi), a star senior. The emotional entanglement of the four interweaves a touching story. In the end, Ke Yiqing will choose With whom?


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