119 Qing Hui Da (2021)

119 Qing Hui Da (2021)

Special: 119 Qing Hui Da

Country: China
Episodes: 6
Aired: Aug 11, 2021 – ?
Duration: 45 min.
Native Title: 119請回答
Also Known As:
Genres: Documentary



“119 Please Answer” takes the fire station as a window, presents the real world without filters from the perspective of front-line firefighters, projects various realistic issues in contemporary society, and tries to arouse the public’s awareness and thinking about life.

In the first two episodes broadcast at the screening and exchange meeting on the evening of August 4, the grass-roots fire stations in Harbin and Chongqing, in addition to dealing with fires, also had to deal with large and small social assistance services. Among them, there are not only trivial and absurd police situations such as “finger stuck in ring”, “hair stuck in massager”, “child’s head stuck in pot lid”, etc., as well as rescue of injured people trapped in car accident and rescue of trapped people Real social cases such as the elderly in the toilet that make people cry.


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