11 Left (2021)

11 Left (2021)

Drama: 11 Left
Native Title: 剩下的11个
Also Known As: Sheng Xia De 11 Ge
Director: Lin Bo
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi
Country: China
Episodes: 6
Aired: Aug 24, 2021 – Sep 10, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Friday
Duration: 5 min.


Li Xian


The mini-series is a fictional story. In the play, there are many “Li Xian” who look alike but have completely different fates. In an alternate time and space, they are involved in a confusing game because of a magical social software. Tightly linked together. The first protagonist played by Li Xian is a down-and-out entrepreneurial failure. He was severely injured and lived in chaos. He accidentally obtained a mysterious mobile phone. As long as he completes the mission according to the prompts, he can make money. The plot is more up to him. Through the continuous advancement of the level of breakthrough, the thinning of the cocoon, and the many mists, the “Li Xian” living in all parts of the world appear one by one, and they are involved in this game of destiny together.


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